John Bordiuk, M.D.
Ginette LaFleur, ANP
Staci Montori, L.M.T.

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Our Team

John Bordiuk, M.D.-  Board Certified Internist and Medical Director

 In Dr. John Bordiuk’s own words:  “I had a great undergraduate education at the University of California Santa Cruz (Go Slugs!) and a phenomenal experience in medical school at Columbia University. But those formal educational experiences are only part of what any physician should bring to the patient/ physician relationship.

These days, my doctoring is a blend of the wisdom that comes from having a great formal education, 25 years of patient experience, along with the benefit of having a marriage, children, living in my own body, living with my own injuries, and running many, many miles.”

Known for his thorough, thoughtful and compassionate style, John (what he asks patients to call him) blends functional medicine with traditional medicine and other healing modalities to address the individual needs of his patients.

Ginette LaFleur, Advanced Nurse Practitioner

Ginette is a caring and experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioner with a strong background in Primary Care, Internal Medicine, and Women’s Health, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Ginette is the lead practitioner for Inner Balance’s sublingual allergy program – providing close supervision, specialized testing, and all natural medications to help lessen and alleviate environmental and food allergy symptoms.

In addition to her high level of expertise in adult medicine, Ginette is known for her compassion, warmth, and ability to listen to her patients. She approaches patient care with a focus on wellness and disease prevention.

She supports patients by encouraging lifestyle modifications in nutrition and exercise, and utilizes specialized testing, supplements and medication when necessary.  Ginette encourages patients to be active participants in their care and finds it extremely gratifying to partner with patients who are working at obtaining optimal health.

After receiving her nursing degree from Saint Anselm College, Ginette worked for six years as an oncology nurse at Mass General Hospital. Wanting to be more involved in prevention and wellness, she attended UMass Boston to become a nurse practitioner in 2010 and has been working in primary care ever since.

In her leisure time, Ginette enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, being physically active, trying new healthy recipes and reading. She especially enjoys Victorian-era fiction for the glimpse of life at a simpler time it offers, and to indulge her fascination with alternative medicinal treatments.

Staci Montori, Licensed Massage Therapist

Staci Montori, with Dr. John Bordiuk, is the co-owner of Inner Balance Integrative Medicine. She has been practicing massage in various settings for over 13 years.  Her signature massage combines deep tissue, trigger point and neuromuscular therapies to areas of chronic tension and/or injury. She includes relaxing and nurturing massage techniques to encourage deep relaxation and reduce stress.

“It feels really amazing to be creating Inner Balance Integrative Medicine.  Full circle in a way- since John and I met in an integrative practice almost 20 years ago.  I had forgotten how much I  enjoy working in a setting that offers many different types of healing modalities.  Both clients and practitioners greatly benefit from this synthesis.”