Craniosacral Therapy May Help with Post-Election Stress

If you are experiencing a heightened sense of unease and anxiety as a result of the the current political climate, you are not alone. Many of our patients are reporting symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, and mild depression directly related to post-election stress.

Here are some suggestions from experts in the field of psychology to improve your mood.

  • Connect with supportive family, community and organizations.
  • Increase self-care techniques like deep breathing, listening to music or being in nature.
  • Remember to address basic health needs like healthy eating,  adequate hydration, sleep and regular physical activity.

Research has proven that stress and anxiety are harmful to the body.

Restorative treatments like Craniosacral Therapy can provide a sense of emotional balance and ease anxiety, which are good for overall health. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) directly impacts the central nervous system, creating harmony and allowing the body to self-correct.

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