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Craniosacral Therapy May Help with Post-Election Stress

If you are experiencing a heightened sense of unease and anxiety as a result of the the current political climate, you are not alone. Many of our patients are reporting symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, and mild depression directly related … Continue reading

Roasted Sea Bass Provencale

A great low carb, gluten free dish rich with Mediterranean flavors, protein and healthy fats.  Works well with any white fish, like cod or haddock and a few kalamata olives make a great add on. Serve with quinoa and a … Continue reading

What is a Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice registered nurse who provides comprehensive and focused care, including diagnostics and prescriptions, to patients of all ages. The first nurse practitioners received their education at the University of Colorado in 1965.  Soon, … Continue reading

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Why Choose a Nurse Practitioner for Primary Care?

Nurse practitioners (NP) bring a comprehensive perspective to health care making them the health partner of choice for millions of Americans.  They offer the attractive blend of clinical expertise coupled with an emphasis on disease prevention and health management. As … Continue reading

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

By Carrie Forman, NCMBTB, CST You are probably well-acquainted with massage therapy but may not be as familiar with CranioSacral Therapy (CST). CranioSacrial Therapy is a type of body work that relieves pain and tension via gentle manipulations of the … Continue reading

A Meditation to Improve Balance

Have you ever noticed a bruise on your body and wondered how it got there? Chances are you absentmindedly bumped into a desk or table. It can be easy to be in your head so much that you wind up … Continue reading

3 Exercises for Building Better Balance

A 2013 study published in the British Medical Journal, by Dr. James Katz, determined that those who incorporate balance exercises into their daily routine reduced their risk of injury from a fall by 37 percent and had a 61 percent … Continue reading

The Good-for-You Fast Food

As a certified Health Coach, I often hear complaints like, “no matter how much sleep I get, I feel tired or foggy” and “I just don’t feel “right.” Many of the issues people come to me with are rooted in … Continue reading

Smoothie Recipes: Including John’s Surprise Blends

Smoothies are fast and tasty way to add nutrients to your diet …and there’s no end to the combinations you can create.  All you need are fresh ingredients and a decent blender. Many recipes call for ice but you can … Continue reading

Ticks and Our Recommended Tick Bite Protocol

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the treatment of tick bites and Lyme disease.  What is not controversial is that prevention is the best defense. When heading out for any outdoor activity where you’re likely to encounter ticks, here … Continue reading

Natural Insect Repellent Recipe

Re-posted with permission from MyHolisticVillage Here’s a cost effective way to make natural insect repellents that really work! There are a number of essential oils that insects find distasteful or cause them to become confused.  You’re about to learn how … Continue reading

Spring and the Wood Element

By Margaret Ryding, M.Ac In Five Element acupuncture, each season is related to an element.   Spring is the time related to the Wood element. Each season brings about a new energy into the world.   Spring is a time of new … Continue reading

Arugula Pesto Recipe

Here’s a tasty twist on a versatile favorite that’s great year-round and a perfect fit for a 5 Element Spring diet. You can toss it with pasta or into a grain salad; use it as a pizza sauce or bruschetta … Continue reading

Relieving stress

As all of us in the Boston area have been aware of the recent tragedies and the seemingly never-ending media coverage, we are finding ways to cope with the stress and the aftermath of the events.  During times like these, … Continue reading

Book Review

True Food by Andrew Weil, MD and Sam Fox, with Michael Stebner Andrew Weil, MD, renowned physician and pioneer of integrative medicine, is also in the restaurant business. In 2008, he, along with Sam Fox and Michael Stebner, opened the … Continue reading


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